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As with many other events, we cannot hold our normal in-person conference due to COVID-19. But we still want to provide an informative, enjoyable program to our regular attendees and to new folk around the country -- and the world! After all, Philcon has been running since 1936, continuously except for a short interruption during WWII.

Philcon will run from November 20-22, 2020.  Most of the program items (still being revised) cover science fiction and fantasy, art and media, science and technology, the craft and business of writing, discussions about anime, gaming (including online gaming) and other subjects. there will be a virtual Art Show and virtual Dealer's Room, and chat rooms that will host discussion groups and parties.

The program will be conducted on Zoom webinars and meetings, and followup discussions, gaming, the Art Show and Dealer's Room will take place in channels on a Discord server.

In a normal year, memberships would cover the costs of running the convention. Although a virtual con is less expensive than a live one, there are still costs to be covered. So we are asking our friends for a donation in lieu of membership fees Any funds not used for the direct costs of the con will be used by the sponsor, The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, for day-to-day expenses and support of the monthly programs.

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Philcon 2020

Philcon 2020 has switched to an online convention format. The convention will take place using Zoom Webinars, Zoom rooms and Discord.

The Philcon program guide is now available.

View the On-Line Program Guide

You can learn how to navigate to the portions of Philcon that are taking place in Zoom and Discord by viewing the quick reference portion of the information page of our guide on Konopas.

IMPORTANT: Refresh or reload your copy of the Konopas Program Guide every few hours. Changes, hopefully on the small side, are occurring to the program, but you have to take steps to get a new copy on your device. Think of it as exchanging an old pocket program for a newer version. You can use any method you prefer, including Command-R on a Mac and F5 on a PC.

There have been reports in the last few days that the Konopas Program Guide is not functioning correctly on the most recent Android devices. If the guide links are not clickable, please attempt to access the guide from some other device, such as a computer or a non-Android device. Some people have reported that if you click "my-con" and then click on "program", it works. If you still have problems, please contact us.

The Philcon 2020 Discord Server is now available. Please go to the quick reference information page linked in the previous sentence to learn how to join and use the server.

You can participate in our Writing Workshop by submitting a manuscript (until all slots are full). For more information, please visit our Writing Workshop page.

There will be no in-person Philcon at the hotel in 2020. The current limitations on meetings imposed by the State of New Jersey would not have permited Philcon to proceed at the hotel.

All hotel reservations which have been made in one of Philcon’s hotel blocks will be cancelled automatically by the hotel, although you should check to make sure that has happened. If you made a reservation outside the Philcon block, or through a third party vendor, you will have to contact them to request a cancellation.

If you have purchased a membership in Philcon 2020 already, it will be carried over to Philcon 2021. You may request a refund of your membership in Philcon 2020, or if you are interested in supporting our virtual convention, you may donate your membership. The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society is a 501(c)(3) organization. We can be contacted at

Philcon 2021

Join us for the 84th anniversary of the world's first and longest-running conference on science fiction, fantasy, and horror! Philcon 2021 will take place on November 19-21, 2021 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Started in 1936, Philcon features cutting-edge programming about literature, art, television, film, anime, comics, science, gaming, costuming and cosplay, music, and other topics of interest to fans of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. We will also have many other attractions, such as our awesome Art Show and Auction; a Vendors Room full of unique merchandise; Children’s/Family programming; a full-featured Tabletop Gaming room; our Writer’s Workshop (featuring professional authors and editors); Concerts; Dorian’s Dance Party, our Masquerade/Costume Competition, and more!

Guests of Honor for Philcon 2021

Principal Speaker

Max Gladstone - photo by Ellen Datlow

Artist Guest of Honor

Romas Kukalis