The Philcon Dealers Room features vendors selling books, comics, steampunk artifacts, DVDs, comics, jewelry, costume clothing, games, collectibles and more.

The Artists Alley features artists selling their work. Philcon’s Artists Alley will be in a section of the Dealers’ Room.

Anyone wishing to sell at Philcon 2024 must request a space in the dealers’ room/artist’s alley by accessing the vendors portal via the link below.  Applications to vend must be received by the deadline – September 10, 2024.  All requests received by that date will be notified by September 30, 2024, if they have received space in the room, and will be expected to then make payment for their space by October 31, 2024.  No payment will be refunded unless we are able to sell your space to another dealer.  A wait list will be maintained to take account of any applications received after the deadline in order to assign any space not claimed by the deadline.  In addition, after the deadline, you may email us and ask if additional tables are available. Sometimes, tables are available due to cancellations or other reasons.

You must use the vendor portal link on the website to request space. All space requests will be handled in the order in which they are received. All acceptances will be sent out at the same time, as we need to review the requests to make sure that all requests for space are reasonable, that there is not an excessive number of dealers of a particular type, and that requests for placement in the room can be accommodated to the extent possible.

There will be NO sleeping room dealers (hotel room) at Philcon 2024. 

Please note: By applying on-line you are agreeing to the terms including the release of liability.

Once approved, you will make payment via the vendor portal. Full payment must be made for all tables assigned, as well as any memberships that are being purchased at the special dealers’ rate of $40. Half tables receive a single membership at the special rate. All other approved dealers are entitled to a total of two memberships at the special rate. Payment must be made via the online vendor portal; a link to this portal will be provided in the e-mail that you are sent with your approval for space. This is the same portal you used to request your space. A name is required for each of the registrations. The ID of the registrant will be checked at the convention before releasing the badge. If you are unsure who will be using the registrations please use the first name of ‘Provided’ and a last name of ‘At Con1’ for the first and if there is a second use the first name of ‘Provided’ and last name of ‘AtCon2’. The registration desk at the convention will correct the membership to the name on their ID.

We strongly prefer you pay via the portal, but if you canot, you may pay by check sent to the address below. Please send your payment for approved tables and any registration forms, made out to Philcon 2024, to:

              Todd Dashoff – Dealers
              PO Box 425
              Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006

2024 Table Costs

    • Half table           $60
    • One table           $90
    • Two tables         $205
    • Three tables       $350 

In addition to paying for the table space, anyone working in the Dealers’ Room must have a Philcon membership. Dealer memberships are $40 each; with a maximum of two if paid for at the same time as your table space– any additional memberships must be bought at the current ‘General’ rate when payment is submitted. Program participants who wish to reserve space in the room do not need to buy memberships;
however, we will confirm that you have agreed to appear on a sufficient number of program items to waive the membership cost.

Other Information

Philcon reserves the sole right to determine which applications to accept. The application does not entitle you to any space or table in the Dealers’ Room. Philcon also reserves the right to provide you with fewer tables than you have requested. If we do so, we will make an appropriate adjustment in price by reducing the charge you need to pay.

Please note that at present, we do not have sufficient information to state what conditions will be required of attendees with regard to COVID-19. Our current position is as follows:

Philcon will not require proof of vaccination for COVID-19 due to the elimination of the means by which the US government and many states document that vaccinations were received. Masking will be voluntary in most cases; however, certain events may be closed to unmasked attendees. Masks will be available at the registration desk. Please stay home if you are ill. If you have preregistered and cannot attend due to illness, contact to have your membership transferred to the 2025 convention.

Philcon reserves the right to modify this policy in reaction to developments between now and the time of the convention.

Allowed and Prohibited Items

  • You may sell (certain types of) weapons, but they must be wrapped and the package sealed before the purchaser can take them out of the Dealers’ Room. Please send a description with your form.
  • There will be no loud noise-producing items in the Dealers’ Room.  Headsets must be provided.
  • You may not sell any item that is illegal, that is a violation of any copyright, service mark, trademark, or patent, that was obtained illegally, or that violates any applicable law, statute, or ordinance.
  • Dealers in art prints are welcome in the Dealers’ Room.  However, any art print sold in the Dealers’ Room cannot also be displayed and sold in the Art Show Print Shop.  Conversely, any art print title that is displayed and sold in the Print Shop cannot be sold in the Dealers’ Room.  If you are an artist, we suggest you consider whether it is more advantageous to request space in the Art Show rather than the Dealers’ Room; Please see the Art Show page for further information. 

Space Details 

  • Dealers expecting to lean or prop things against the walls must PAD the contact points with felt or foam.
  • Nothing may be hung, stuck, or fastened to any wall, ceiling, or other surface in the Dealers’ Room.  
  • There are very few wall tables available.  Only ask for them if you must have it for your display.
  • Each space includes one table and 2 chairs, unless a special set-up is requested on the application form.  Special requests cannot be guaranteed.
  • Power is included free with your space, if power can be provided.  All electrical equipment must have either grounded (triple-prong) or polarized plugs. It would be useful to have a power strip with a surge protector.
  • The room will be locked overnight, but Philcon does not assume any responsibility for any losses.  Dealers are expected to cover their tables appropriately overnight.
  • You will be notified in advance as to when you will be able to enter the room for set-up, both before the con begins and each morning thereafter.  Please do not attempt to enter the room before the stated times or any other time when the room is closed.  You will have sufficient time to get your table(s) ready before the public is admitted.
  • At closing time each evening, please make every effort to be out of the room within 30 minutes. following closing.
  • Expected sales hours for the Dealers’ Room are as follows:
    • Friday – 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
    • Saturday – 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    • Sunday – 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Confirmation, Cancellation, etc.

  • Confirmation will be sent via email to the name on the application.  You are responsible for notifying the person who will actually attend if that person is not the one making the application.


Philcon does not collect taxes.  It is the dealer’s responsibility to collect N J sales tax. Forms and information can be obtained by calling 609-826-4400, or check If you currently have a NYS tax number, you may be able to send NJ taxes in on that; consult the NYS tax people.

Hotel Reservations

Information on hotel reservations can be found on the hotel page on the website. on our website. Please make your reservations as soon as possible. The hotel reservation deadline is currently November 1, 2024.

If you have any questions, or do not receive an expected response by the appropriate deadline, please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the questions button below.