Art Show


Philcon has one of the larger Art Shows on the East Coast. It exhibits 2-D art in all media, as well as sculpture and other 3D works, and jewelry. Special displays include works by our Guest Artists, and items to benefit ASFA, the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists.

Some pieces will be for display only, but most pieces are for sale by a silent auction/written bidding system, or by quick-sale pricing. There are pieces in every price range, but if your favorite original is beyond your budget, consider the Print Shop. Or vote with your pen (instead of your wallet) for the Popular Choice Best in Show Award.

In addition to the art displayed in the show, there will also be art-related programming, such as panels/seminars on the business of art, technique demonstrations or workshops, and docent tours of the Art Show.


Badges must be visible to enter the Art Show, and totes or other large bags must be checked at the door.  Also, cameras and food are not permitted in the Art Show. We know these rules can be an annoying inconvenience, but they’re standard at all convention Art Shows. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Your reward will be viewing a beautiful and diverse showing of original science fiction, fantasy and fannish artwork.

In the Show, you’ll see all manner of two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork, such as acrylics, oils, airbrush, pencil, pens, water colors, jewelry, metal, wood and even art made from lint! And of course prints of many types are featured in the Art Show and its Print Shop.

Many of the artists are present at Philcon, so please check the Pocket Program to see if an artist whose work you particularly like will be on a panel or demo. Most artists enjoy talking about their work and will be happy to talk with you during the artist reception on Friday night.

The Art Show staff, clad in their traditional turquoise blue T-shirt Art-Show staff garb, are a friendly, helpful roving band of people. If you have any questions regarding any aspect of the art show, the staff is there to assist you.

See the “Rules about Bidding on a Piece of Art” in your program book for details on the bidding process. Do get a bidder number at the start of Philcon just in case you see something that catches your eye at the last minute.

Some pieces are there just to be viewed; “NFS” means “not for sale”. Some pieces are “prints” meaning they are photographic reprints rather than original artwork, and are available for immediate purchase at the Print Shop desk. Other artwork is available for “silent auction” written bidding throughout the weekend. You will have to wait until the end of the con to pay for and take them home to enjoy. The art auction, traditionally held Sunday afternoon, is fun to attend even if you haven’t made any written bids during the weekend. It can be lively and entertaining, and as long as you have a bidder number, you can jump right into the bidding. Many, if not most, Philcon members probably have at least one piece of art they purchased at the con hanging up at home!