To register for Philcon you must purchase a membership. Pre-registration is open now at

Registration Types

  • General: Adult 3-Day Membership
  • Active Military Personnel (with ID)
  • Students: Student with active Student ID
  • Teens: 13-17
  • Children: 7-12
  • Kid-in-tow: Children under 7 (no charge, but must be registered)


Philcon 2022 Vaccination and Mask Policy

1. Vaccination Against COVID 19 is Required

Everyone who is attending Philcon in any capacity must be fully vaccinated by the day before Philcon, that is, by Thursday, November 17, 2022.

THIS MEANS that you must have received the final vaccine shot at least two full weeks before the start of Philcon, that is, by THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2022. The final vaccine shot is defined as:

  • Attendees >5 years old
    • Second shot of Pfizer or Moderna vaccine
    • Single shot of Johnson & Johnson vaccine
    • Canadians: Second shot of AstraZeneca vaccine is acceptable
  • Attendees <5 years old
    • Second shot of Moderna vaccine
    • Third shot of Pfizer vaccine

We acknowledge, with sadness, that persons who cannot or will not be vaccinated will not be permitted to attend Philcon 2022.

2. Proof of Vaccination

Every person, including the Philcon committee and staff, must present proof of vaccination. All persons age 18 and over must show official photo identification matching the name shown on the proof of vaccination.

3. Mask Wearing is Mandatory

Every person must wear a mask which covers both the nose and the mouth at all times, except in a private sleeping room.

Masks must be worn at all room parties

Masks may be removed briefly when eating and drinking.

[A different policy may apply in the hotel’s restaurants, if they are open]

4. Handwashing is Requested

We recommend that you thoroughly wash your hands several times a day.

5. Policy for People Who Previously Purchased Memberships.

Notice that vaccination and mask would be required was posted on the Philcon website homepage and registration page on April 14, 2022.

If you purchased your Philcon 2022 membership before that date, we will, upon written request, defer your membership(s) to a subsequent year or provide a refund.