As with many other events, we cannot hold our normal in-person conference due to COVID-19. But we still want to provide an informative, enjoyable program to our regular attendees and to new folk around the country -- and the world! After all, Philcon has been running since 1936, continuously except for a short interruption during WWII.

Philcon will run from November 20-22, 2020.  Most of the program items (still being revised) cover science fiction and fantasy, art and media, science and technology, the craft and business of writing, discussions about anime, gaming (including online gaming) and other subjects. there will be a virtual Art Show and virtual Dealer's Room, and chat rooms that will host discussion groups and parties.

The program will be conducted on Zoom webinars and meetings, and followup discussions, gaming, the Art Show and Dealer's Room will take place in channels on a Discord server.

In a normal year, memberships would cover the costs of running the convention. Although a virtual con is less expensive than a live one, there are still costs to be covered. So we are asking our friends for a donation in lieu of membership fees Any funds not used for the direct costs of the con will be used by the sponsor, The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, for day-to-day expenses and support of the monthly programs.

Donate to Philcon 2020