Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and Girls! Aliens from all planets! You are cordially invited to join in an evening of entertainment and costuming!

The Philcon masquerade welcomes costumes of all shapes and sizes to display their finest in a staged Costume Contest. Each entry will come on stage, to perform a brief skit or simple runway walk, and present their design to the panel of judges and the audience. Costumes may be a Recreation of an existing costume (documentation is required) or an Original design. Our Masquerade uses the International Costumers' Guild skill level categories, so costumers of all experience levels can enter. Please see entrant info document for more information. All types of costume are welcome and encouraged,but please keep it “PG-13”— no flagrant nudity, “no costume is no costume.”

Take your turn in the spotlight and let the crowd go wild!

For more information about the Masquerade, contact