The name “masquerade” implies a masked ball, and for the first few decades of fandom it was; but at your typical modern science fiction/fantasy convention, it’s a fashion show before an audience. (Many cons hold a costumed dance separately.) Each entry walks on stage, performs a brief skit or simply spins to fully display the costume, and walks off. Entries may be individuals or groups.

What manner of costumes is Philcon looking for? They may be Re-Creation (duplicating a specific, documented image) or Original (your own design). Science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, medieval, anime cosplay, Furry, Renaissance, Regency — if it relates to the any of the convention’s many topics, we’d love to see it. But keep it “PG-13,” please — no flagrant nudity, and mind the adage that “no costume is no costume.”

Take your turn in the spotlight and let the crowd go wild!