Gaming Suite

Hello everyone! Welcome to the Gaming Gallery for Philcon 2021.

Philcon 2021 will be an in person convention beginning on Friday, November 19 and ending on Sunday, November 21.

The Gaming Gallery is the room off the main lobby, next to the hotel bar and elevator banks.
Bobby Edoo is planning to be at Philcon this year and will be in the Promenade where he is normally found.

Everyone will need to sanitize their hands before playing a game, everyone will need to wear a mask and be aware of social distancing. 

We will be bringing our  board game bank. We are also happy to allow people to run and/or share their own games or their favorite games. Even if you just stop by to play a game or chat, we look forward to seeing you!

An extra advantage to being in the Gaming Gallery is that there is much more space. There will be a variety of large round, small round or square, and long rectangular tables. Crowding should not be an issue.

We are planning some exciting scheduled games for Philcon 2021. Here are a few with many more to come. Check back often.

Friday 8 PM:
Fury of Dracula

An asymmetrical board game where one player plays as Dracula spreading his influence and corruption across Europe. Up to four other players are the hunters trying to find and stop him. Come see if you can stop Dracula from his goals. Watch out though as night falls and he strikes back. Can you find him in time or will Europe fall to his nefarious plans?

Friday 9 PM to 10 PM
TBD with Talavou

Friday 10 PM to 11 PM
One Night Werewolf etc. with Talavou

Friday  11 PM to 1 AM
Cards Against Humanity with Ginny Swann

Saturday Noon:

The R&D for your RPG. A tarot-inspired card game that helps the GM and their players collaboratively create all the important details for their campaign, including key locations, character connections, and setting conflicts. Plus, Decuma can be paired with any tabletop RPG setting or system.

* Time Vs Ninja Strategy Game *
Ninjitsu Adventure Game * Sci-Fi Adventure Game * Action Adventure Game *

Time Vs Ninja is a newbie-friendly adventure game.The game suits 2- 3 players and can run multiple sessions at the same time so there can be more players.
For more information, go to:

Saturday 8 PM: 

Want to explore an epic history of your own creation, hundreds or thousands of years long, all in a few hours?  You won't play the game in chronological order. You can defy the limits of time and space, jumping backward or forward to explore the parts of the history that interest you. Want to leap a thousand years into the future and see how an institution shaped society? Want to jump back to the childhood of the king you just saw assassinated and find out what made him such a hated ruler? All this and more are possible.

Saturday 9 PM to 10 PM
TBD with Talavou

Saturday 10 PM to 11 PM
One Night Werewolf etc. with Talavou

Saturday 11 PM to 1 AM
Cards Against Humanity with Ginny Swann

Sunday Noon:

Atma is a streamlined Powered by the Apocalypse RPG. Players will choose from various characters to play as the GM draws cards to create the world. You will be heroes in a world where Atma, a volcanic mineral, empowers the living and entwines the dead. True AIs have come to be and aliens have hatched from the Earth's moons. The characters advance through their mission in three scenes gaining new powers along the way. Fast to learn, easy to play, vast in its possibilities.

2021 Gaming Staff:
Talavou Alailima
Ginny Swann
John Swann
Stephanie Swann

If you would like more information regarding gaming, please write to

We look forward to seeing you in person at Philcon in November 2021.