Fashion Show

Starting at 8:30 PM Friday night in Grand Ballroom A, following the PSFS Meeting (at 8:00 PM)

This year we will host a themed and curated fashion show in an event that showcases the design aspects of costuming and the designer’s creative thinking.

2024 Fashion Theme is: It’s a Miracle”

Rules for Entry:

1. All designs must be ORIGINAL IDEAS based on this year’s theme. Submissions must include the following:

  • A detailed sketch of the design (front and back)
  • Either a mock-up of the outfit to be displayed OR a fully constructed version to be worn on the runway by a model (either yourself or a representative, models cannot be provided)
  • A brief (1 to 3 sentences) description of how your design fits the year’s theme. This will be displayed next to mail-in entries or read aloud as your model walks the runway. If you feel you need help writing a description, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2. You do NOT need to make the garment(s) yourself; however, if you enlist help in construction please give credit to the person(s) who made it. The design does need to be made by you though.

3. There will be three judging categories in this contest. Overall Design, Theme, and Wearability. Winners in each category will receive an award!

4. If you wish to enter a design without attending the convention, you may submit your entry via mail.


You may send a representative to wear your design at the show. (Representative WILL need a convention membership). If you are local to the convention and would like to deliver the mock up to the hotel that weekend instead of mailing it, that can be arranged with the masquerade director. Please email to arrange delivery of your submission.

5. Should you decide to enter more than one submission, please note that they will not necessarily be in the run order next to each other. Please make each design able to stand on its own. If you would like to make a “collection” of your designs, you may request they be lined up in order; we will do our best to accommodate you.

6. Props to your outfit(s) will be allowed under the following conditions:

  • They can be held in your hands easily or worn on your back or arms (I.e. a fan hung around the wrist or a backpack)
  • They may not drag on the ground or extend from your body in any direction any significant distance. (Parasols will be allowed, so long as it is held low and close to your body.)
  • No weapons will be permitted AT ALL.
  • All props must be approved by the masquerade director prior to start of show. Changes to prop allowances may change without notice.

What’s the difference between the Fashion Show and the Masquerade?

1. The fashion show contest is open to everyone! You do not have to attend the convention to enter a design. There will be several opportunities for your work to be displayed if you choose not to attend in person.

2. The masquerade allows recreations while the fashion show MUST be YOUR original design. You do not need to be your own model to enter, but you must have designed it yourself. Your design must be a wearable interpretation of the theme; if a human can’t wear it in the real world, it can’t be entered.

2. The show itself will be a much smaller time commitment than the masquerade. We will have a green room available 1 hour before the show; however, green room time is optional. The format will be a simple catwalk with music provided. The only thing you need to prepare is your piece, a very brief statement about the design, and your model (if you’re not entering in person.)

3. There will be no workmanship awards. This contest is simply about the art, not the construction.

4. No judges! This is the biggest difference. Judging will be by audience AND participant vote.

5. You may submit up to 3 designs if you like. Submissions will be accepted at anytime from now until the deadline! Deadline is: November 1, 2024. Please send submissions to

By submitting your design(s) to Philcon 2024 you agree to the non-profit use & publication of said designs prior to and during the event, including reproduction for the show and/or advertising purposes.